This series of ceramic works are titled Submerged. I draw inspiration from underwater sculptures by Jason deClaires Taylor, who is known for installing sculptures at the bottom of the ocean and letting the forces of nature transform them into spectacular living art. 
My central concept is to emulate the characteristics of underwater vessels and elicit the viewer’s imagination of a vibrant marine environment. The rich variety of colours and tactile textures were achieved by combining slips, stains, underglaze and glaze. I paid homage to Jackson Pollock’s action painting by spontaneously dripping, splashing, dabbing the brush, and ‘dancing’ with the vessel while the glaze was still running. Traces of my ephemeral expressive action were encapsulated in physical forms. In addition to contrasting shapes and colours, I juxtaposed positive elements with negative space. These layered visual features enhance the visual tension in this
installation and evoke a sense of dynamism and fluidity like ocean waves.
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