Stage and set design for live performance is fertile ground for the usage of immersive technologies. The need for such explorations has been highlighted by international COVID border closures and the challenges posed by contemporary methodologies for remote collaboration, especially in the area of dance and choreography. This is an ongoing project that aims to study, and demonstrate the logistical, human and technological requirements in using immersive technologies for incorporating live choreographic data in a set and stage design context within virtual reality. The project was conducted at UNSW ADA's state of the art EPICentre (Expanded Perception & Interaction Centre) facility in Paddington, Sydney. This began as a High Distinction graded assessment task submitted by Shiya Lu while in the Master of Simulation and Immersive Technologies. 
The first stage of this project was done in collaboration with international dance artists and choreographers, Shaun Parker and Joel Fenton, demonstrating the logistical and operational requirements of the system, as well as evaluating areas of improvement for practicing professionals in the space.
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