It is about the past and the future. The creators focused on family members who are still waiting for their families to return after the sudden catastrophic event of the missing airline MH370.  They interviewed these family members and repeatedly read the diaries and social posts they provided to try to understand their experience - the state of perpetual waiting. "Is human feelings already so cold? Even waiting for someone's return has become a ridiculous thing?" The cast members include non-actors, a primary school student, and a journailist who has been following this event since the very first press conference.

Devised Documentary Theatre
Premiered at the NLGX Theatre Festival
Beijing Penghao Theatre 
July 27 - 28 2016

Director: Selena Lv 
Producer: Shiya Lu 
Cast: Liu Xia, Nong Miaomian, Sun Shuaibin, Wang Yu, Wang Yayu, 
Xi Lan, Zhang Xinyue,, Li Zeer, Zhang Mingmin
Visual Designer: Xu Bo, Ge Hongyu, Tang Quexi
Lighting Designer: Li Aili, Hou Zhengya

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