When Clay Meets Code: A Digital Frontier of Ceramic Art

Welcome to hunLAB's inaugural exhibition, CeramiXR. XR (Extended Reality) is an umbrella term that encompasses various technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). CeramiXR invites the audience to an experimental space where emerging technologies are applied to traditional art forms. By merging ceramics with cutting-edge digital tools, this exhibition pushes boundaries and transforms how we perceive and interact with ceramic art.
At the heart of hunLAB's ethos lies innovation and collaboration. Innovation goes beyond embracing the latest technologies or trends; it is about daring to think differently, questioning established conventions, and venturing into uncharted territories. Through a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, CeramiXR brings together artists and technologists from diverse disciplines and cultural backgrounds.
CeramiXR draws inspiration from the concept of 'Biophilia,' acknowledging our deep-rooted bond with nature. Over millennia, ceramics have fused the elements of 'earth,' 'water,' 'fire,' and 'wind' with the dexterity of human hands, embodying a tangible link to our past and present. As you navigate CeramiXR, you will encounter organic textures, captivating forms, vibrant colours, and natural soundscapes inspired by the natural world. These sensory experiences prompt us to contemplate how digital technology can be harnessed to deepen our appreciation for the beauty and fragility of nature, inspiring us to cultivate a more harmonious relationship with the world around us.
Creative Director Shiya Lu     
Technical Director Yiding Li 

Art Director Frank Liu

Creative Coder Matt Cabanag, Bo-Han Chen, Yiming Tao

3D Artist Danae Kyriakaki, Simone Wang

Graphic Designer Beining Liao

Project Manager Qiyao Xu, Wei Wang

Ceramics Curator Elaine Kim 

Ceramic Artists Rina Bernabei, Kelly Brown, Kirsty Collins, Jan Downes, Georgia Harvey, Carol Hudson, Elaine Kim, Shiya Lu, Kristen Radge, Adrienne Richards, Kate Robinson, Tika Robinson, Joseph Turrin

Exhibition Staff Xinyue Lei, Xinrui Li, Peiye Ren, Weng Yu, Haoming Zhang, Huiman Zou 

Special Thanks 
Comber Street Studios
Kil.n.it – Experimental Ceramics Studio
UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture
Robert Kolbe, Dr Peter Nadin, Dr Teresa Crea, Dr Andrew Yip, Elias Berkhout, Sunah Lee, Jason Pelham, Mia Liu, Weng Yu, Anran Zhou, Vivienne Chen, Sharon Wan
Mixed Reality Animation work, in collaboration with ceramicist Adrienne Richards and creative coder Bo-Han Chen from hunLAB. This video documentiom features Adrienne’s ceramic installation titled ‘The Way We Live Now’  (video by Frank Liu).
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