Hello, my name is 盧詩雅 (Shiya Lu). I am an interdisciplinary artist and creative producer born in China and living and working on the traditional lands of the Gadigal and Wangal peoples of the Eora Nation (Sydney, Australia). My artistic practice encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including video, photography, installation, ceramics, performing arts, curation, and immersive technologies. I am currently working as the Producer at Shaun Parker & Company, a contemporary dance company based at the Joynton Avenue Creative Centre in Sydney. 
Growing up in Meishan, the hometown of the Song Dynasty scholar and literary giant Su Dongpo, cultivated a deep passion for art and literature within me. At the age of 17, I attended a boarding school in Oswestry, United Kingdom, and later pursued studies in Mathematics at the University of Oxford. However, during my first year, I discovered that mathematics was not my true passion and made the decision to drop out. I then embarked on three years of cultural journalism, working for Chinese language publications such as Art Life Weekly, MIND美學, ifeng.com, and Sing Sian Yer Pao (Thailand).
Since 2015, I have had the privilege of working as a producer and art journalist in various countries, collaborating with esteemed organisations such as TSW Theatre Studio (Hong Kong), Helsinki Festival (Finland), Ibsen International (Norway), Ergao Dance Production (China), The Festival Academy (Belgium), and the Edinburgh International Festival (UK). These experiences have allowed me to immerse myself in diverse artistic landscapes and contribute to international cultural exchanges.
In 2018, I moved to Australia for academic pursuit, and I have since completed a Diploma of Stage Management at AFTT (2018), Directors Studio training at NIDA (2019), and an International Curatorial Program with Node Center for Curatorial Studies (2019). Graduating from the University of Sydney as a Dayell Scholar, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Visual Arts (2022) and earned a Graduate Certificate in Simulation and Immersive Technologies from UNSW (2023). Throughout my academic journey, I have been honoured with the Dean's List Award and various scholarships.
In 2019, I founded Flying House Assembly, an art company dedicated to cross-cultural collaboration in theatre and visual arts. Our debut production, A DEAL, received the Bright Ideas Grant from the University of Sydney and enjoyed a sold-out season at the Chippendale Street Theatre. With support from the Department of Theatre Studies, I organised an international theatre forum and a dramaturgy workshop. In 2022, I established hunLAB, a collective dedicated to experimental, technology-oriented art projects. Our inaugural exhibition, CeramiXR, combined ceramics with VR and AR, attracting over 600 visitors from Sydney and beyond.
My creative journey has taken me on an odyssey of interdisciplinary creativity, cultural collaboration, and pushing artistic boundaries. Now living in Australia, I am deeply passionate about learning the stories and heritage of this land. I am committed to merging disciplines, embarking on new creative adventures, and actively contributing to the vibrant local arts scene.
The journey continues...
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